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Mistress Chloe - Double facesitting sessions

Mistress Chloe and I are holding double facesitting sessions. We have done countless double sessions together, so we know each other very well. We have worked together in wrestling and facesitting videos along with other fetish websites. We have also been to a few femdom parties together.

In sessions, we'll do facesitting, bottom worship or leg scissoring to those who are interested.


Normal deposit rules apply, for double sessions we require 50% in order to secure your session.

We can arrange a session in Watford anytime, so please contact me with dates.

We also offer double facesitting in Leeds and Birmingham, so visit my other website on the links below to see exact dates.

Facesitting sessions in Leeds 

May and November

Facesitting sessions in Birmingham

June and December

Photos of Mistress Chloe

You can see some photos of Mistress Chloe in the gallery below.



  1. No nudity or topless sessions on either behalf; lingerie or a bikini minimum

  2. No sexual services of any kind

  3. Make sure you have showered and are stubble free

  4. Turn up on time, not before

  5. We require a 50% booking deposit in advance for all bookings to secure the appointment which is non-refundable if you cancel, don't show up or subsequently show yourself to be someone who I do not wish to session with prior to our appointment. Rude/disrespecful/stupid behaviour will NOT be tolerated and you will get your session cancelled on you.

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