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About Facesitting Mistress

I have been into facesitting for many years now so I've had lots and lots of practice! In fact I started in 2002. I've starred in many facesitting websites over this time including, darkstar girls and many other websites that now don't exist.


I do private 1-2-1 sessions where you can be squashed by me in Watford, Hertfordshire (nr London). I also regularly travel to Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Whether you're a complete novice or experienced, I cater for all.

I can judge how and when people need to breathe or you can always tap the ground 3 times to let me know (those who like to be cautious, I get asked this alot!).

I am experienced in all types of facesitting - forwards, reverse, side, crossed leg, raised leg/s. I also have a smotherbox which I can put you in and turn you into a very comfortable seat. It's a very relaxing place to be I'm told. I also have comfortable floor mats to make your experience evem better.

You can buy my facesitting video clips on my clips4sale stores or join my LoyalFans with lots of facesitting videos. 

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