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Mistress Whiplash and
Facesitting Mistress


- Double facesitting sessions -

Mistress Whiplash and I hold sessions together in Alton, Hampshire when we both can. I have known Mistress Whiplash since 1999 and we work extremely well together squashing you! I have also worked for Mistress's Whiplash's websites including Facesittingbitches.com for many years now and she has also appeared in videos on my website.

We'll do facesitting, bottom worship and/or leg scissoring to those who are interested. Normal deposit rules apply, for double sessions we require £100 in order to secure your session.

We will advertise here when we have set dates or email for a one-off.


Mistress Whiplash
Mistress Whiplash


*No nudity or topless sessions on our part
*No sexual services of any kind
*Make sure you have showered and are stubble free
*Turn up on time, not before
*I require a booking deposit in advance for all bookings to secure the appointment which is non-refundable if you cancel or don't show up.

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Contact me if you want to book a double facesitting session in Alton, Hampshire

More photos of Mistress Whiplash

Mistress Whiplash facesitting Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash cross-legged facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash full-weight facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Mistress Whiplash spread legged facesitting
Mistress Whiplash facesitting
Videos with Nikki in my member's site

Stolen jewellery
- part 2 -
- 10 minutes long -

Last month Peter got a hand & slipper spanked bottom for stealing from Miss Jessica and Mistress Whiplash. They now decide to humiliate him and make him worship their bottoms and kiss their arses to keep his job. Then it's more punishment and Miss Jessica decides to sit firmly down on his face squashing him. Then it's Nikki's turn. They then move onto double facesitting where they squash and crush him together... The final installment is out next month.

HD video clip1920 x 1080

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Stolen jewellery - part 2


Caught in the act - part 2
- 12 minutes long -

Part 2 of a 3 part series... Naughty Wayne has already got a spanking and flogged back for his pervy behaviour and now Miss Jessica and Mistress Whiplash think if he likes looking at their bottoms he can get an even closer look. Getting him to lay down on the floor, Miss Jessica pulls up her skirt whilst standing over him and then plants her bottom firmly on his face, squashing him with her fishnet covered bottom. Mistress Whiplash further crushes his chest by sitting on him. They then swap over so Nikki is sitting firmly on his face, sitting forwards and reverse. Thinking he needs to be crushed under their bottoms even more, Jessica sits back on Wayne's face and then Nikki sits on Jessica's lap to get even more weight on his miserable little face. Finally, pulling him up off the floor, Jessica then pushes his head into Nikki's bottom whilst she's bent over for a tight fit. They then finish up by swapping over with Nikki pushing his face firmly into Jessica's bottom.

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Caught in the act - part 2