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Mistress Ava Black &
Facesitting Mistress


- Double facesitting sessions -

Mistress Ava Black and I can hold double sessions together in Watford. We have known each other since 2010 and she is a very cool lady. I only double session with women who's personalities I love so you will have lots of fun in a double session with us. She also has a very squashing bottom!

In sessions we'll do facesitting, bottom worship or leg scissoring to those who are interested. Normal deposit rules apply, for double sessions we require a 50% deposit in order to secure your session.

Next dates: 4-6th April

4th April 5th April 6th April
  11-12noon (GONE) 11-12noon(GONE)
  1-2pm 1-3pm (GONE)
3.30-4.30pm 3-4pm (GONE) 4-5pm
5.30-6.30pm 5-6pm 6-7pm

Location: Glasgow

Contact me if you want to book a double domme session


Mistress Ava Black facesitting

*No nudity or topless sessions on our part
*No sexual services of any kind
*Make sure you have showered and are stubble free
*Turn up on time, not before
*I require a booking deposit in advance for all bookings to secure the appointment which is non-refundable if you cancel or don't show up.

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Contact me if you want to book a double facesitting session in Watford

More photos of Mistress Ava Black

Ava Black and Miss Jessica facesitting
Miss Jessica forcing a sub into Ava Black's bottom
Mistress Ava Black facesitting
Mistress Ava Black facesitting
Mistress Ava Black's bottom
Mistress Ava Black's bottom
Mistress Ava Black facesitting
Mistress Ava Black facesitting
Mistress Ava Black scissoring
Mistress Ava Black scissoring
Videos with Ava in my member's site

Revenge of the nerdettes
- 20.5 minutes long -

Jessica and Ava the IT girls come to see Peter from the Marketing department. They say he's stupid as he doesn't wear glasses and ask him to guess the denier of Jessica's tights. While he's having a think Ava pushes his head into Jessica's bottom! He doesn't get the answer right so they throw him down onto the floor and facesit him singularly and in double positions as well as some more forced pushing into bottoms until they finally hear the right answer. Takes him some time though as he is from Marketing after all!

HD video clip1920 x 1080

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Debt management - part 3 -


Jodphur fetish
- 21 minutes long -

Miss Jessica and Mistress Ava Black come into a room to find a stable hand laying on floor sniffing a pair of jodphurs! They had had various complaints from girls in the stables about him but now they have caught him red-handed! So they look at each other and ask him if he likes bottoms, before Ava swiftly sits down and plants her bottom on his face. Miss Jessica sits down on him also and they proceed to facesit and squash him so he gets enough of jodphurs to last him a lifetime. They swap into various positions to squash him for their amusement, each one crushing the air out of him with their bottoms on his face.

HD video clip1920 x 1080

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Jodphur fetish